Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments at Art of Strength Fitness


Fitness Assessments

Get Your Baseline

Measure Your Progress

Achieve Your Goal

Fitness assessments are a great way to measure your current overall health and fitness.  We conduct this through a history evaluation, Over Head Squat Assessment, muscular strength and endurance test, cardio-respiratory test, as well as anthropometric measurements.  This will serve as a baseline for you to determine your fitness level, goals, and specific needs.

Fitness assessment includes all the following:

  • Client Information Input
  • Body Composition/BMI/WT Analysis
  • Circumference Measurement
  • Strength and Endurance Test
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Test
  • Overhead Squat Assessment and Recommendation
  • Weekly Strength and Endurance Test
  • Bi Weekly Circumference Measurements and Cardio-vascular Endurance Test